Home Away From Home MISSING  LbNA # 16412 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 8 2005
LocationLinden, NJ
Found By Jaxx
Last Found Oct 3 2012
Hike Distance?

Home Away From Home


Difficulty rating: 1
No advance preparation needed.

Terrain rating: 1
Very short hike - basically a drive-by.
Some terrain is off-trail.
No special equipment is needed.

Rahway River Park:

The Rahway River Park is a fairly long scenic drive along the trout-stocked Rahway River with turn-out parking spots for picnics, fishing, and a playground.

Directions to Rahway River Park:

Take the Garden State Parkway to the Linden exit 136 and go East. (From southbound Parkway you will need to use the jughandle to turn East. After all, this is New Jersey; where would we be if we didn't have a jughandle). At this exit is the Homewood Suites by Hilton, my Home Away From Home for a year. Continue East on Stiles Street. On the right you will see an entrance to the Rahway River Park.

After entering the park you will see a fork in the road. The left fork would take you on a long scenic tour South along the Rahway River. Take the right fork and drive North along the Rahway River. You will pass a couple of turn-outs on the left.

When the Garden State Parkway comes into view and before this road (UC Parkway Dr) ends, you will see a large tree stump along the road on the left and a small gravel-covered turn-out. Turn in there. If the drive is snow-covered, be careful, as this turn-out is only a few yards wide.

On the North side of the drive is a trail that leads down along the river. A pace or two down the trail are two large trees on the right. The first one is very large and the box is hidden under a rock behind the tree.