Scrub Jay  LbNA # 16413 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 8 2005
LocationTitusville, FL
Planted ByRetroGirl    
Found By SeaStar
Last Found Mar 4 2007
Hike Distance?

Scrub Jay***MISSING***
Hand Carved Stamp
***UPDATE***UPDATE***UPDATE***UPDATE***UPDATE***UPDATE*** Sadly Scrub Jay is Missing. No plans to re-hide at this time. May 30, 2007

This is an easy find. Just be prepared for mosquitoes and possibly wet trail.

The Scrub Jay is located in the Scrub Ridge Trail in the Merritt Island Refuge east of Titusville. To get there take State Road 406 east towards the Canaveral National Seashore. Turn left onto State Road 402 (also called Titusville Road). Follow this road all the way to the end. You will pass Black Point Wildlife Drive on your left. Once you reach the end of S.R. 402, there will be a sign directly in front of you stating: "Scrub Ridge Trail 1/2 Boat Ramp 2 3/4 Manatee Deck 3". Turn left onto State Road 3. Travel down this road one half mile. Scrub Ridge Trail will be on the right. (There is a "Great Florida Birding Trail" sign just before your turn.) Follow the winding dirt road to the parking area. To the south is an information kiosk. The trail is immediately behind it to the right. This is where you begin!
***(In case you miss the turn at S.R.402 you can continue east on S.R.406. You will eventually come to an intersection---after you pass the Visitor's Center and the Hammock Trails. Turn left onto State Road 3 at the light and Scrub Ridge Trail will be 4 miles down the road on your right.)

Follow the trail for a little ways. On your right you will see a large dead pine tree. Now it is a charred trunk- half still standing, half fallen over. Continue on trail past the dead pine until you see two cabbage palm trees on your right. Nestled at the base between these two tree trunks lies the Scrub Jay.

Please recover with fallen palm fronds as a lot of the brush that once helped hide the box is now burned to the ground making it very visible. Thank you and enjoy!