I-94 Traffic Crawl: Walkin' in de forest  LbNA # 16416

Placed DateJul 8 2005
Location???, WI
Found By ???
Last Found Jun 4 2009
Hike Distance?

This is the story of Pinky, a world traveler. He has family in Africa and India and while he loves his family he decided one day to set out to see the world. He traveled the Highways, byways and I-ways. By and by he came to a spot on his journey and he was growing weary of the hustle and bustle along the way. He asked himself, "Should I sit awhile or go on?" "Sit or go?" Hummm? Sit...go? As Pinky was standing there, he spotted a forest and thought to himself, "a walk in de forest sounds nice!"

Pinky decided to head toward the rising sun and on his way he thought again to himself, "I think my old penpal "Sissy" is from dis neck of de woods". Sure enough on his way he spotted the house where Sissy lives. It was a chalet really. She was originally from Switzerland, but now makes her home in America's Dairyland. Pinky stopped, but Sissy wasn't home. He wished she would have been home because he was tired and thirsty from his travels and Sissy always knew how to treat a weary traveler.

Pinky then spotted the water further to the east and continued in that direction. He thought it looked particularly blue that day and it was especially cool and refreshing.

After his cool drink, Pinky looked around and thought to himself, "I think I will go south along de river. He did and soon saw clover to his left. While he didn't particularly like clover, he knew if was a favorite of Sissy's. He didn't stop, but continued on until he arrived at the "south pole". It wasn't as cold as he thought it should be, but he surmised "Dis must be de South Pole, der is a sign right here by de river dat says "South".

While Pinky thought the South Pole was a bit odd, he just shrugged his big shoulders and decided to go toward the rising sun again. He was particulary fond of the sun, so when he arrived at a sunny brook, he couldn't resist stopping there awhile for another rest. He looked around for a good place to rest and noticed a mayapple trail going north. Now Pinky loves apples, but thought to himself again, "now I've never seen apples in may and dis is someting I've got to see". He also knew Sissy often wrote to him about her daily walks on mayapple trail. She would sometimes ride her bike, but most often would walk her dog. "Sissy loves to walk in de forest" thought Pinky.

Pinky quickened his step as he was humming along "....under de boardwalk....", when just at that moment, Pinky tripped, toppled and thumped to the ground, his glasses went flying and that is just where they landed, under the boardwalk. His ego a little bruised, Pinky rose to his feet, brushed himself off and peered around to be sure no one had seen him and then he reached behind the first post on the right hand side to retrieve his glasses. After that little incident, Pinky thought to himself, "Walkin' in de forest is nice, but I think I'll head back to de Highways, byways and I-ways". And that is what he did.


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