Archie Park  LbNA # 1643 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateOct 20 2002
CountyGrand Traverse
LocationTraverse City, MI
Planted ByWebfoot    
Found By civilguy
Last Found Sep 13 2015
Hike Distance?

Grand Traverse County, Michigan
Peninsula Township
Nearest City: Traverse City

Just North of Traverse City on Old Mission Peninsula - good place for a picnic lunch.

Almost exactly 5 miles North of the traffic light at the fork of Peninsula Drive and M-37 on M-37 (also known as Center Road at this point), there is a small park on the site of what used to be the community of Archie. The story of how Archie got its name remains shrouded in mystery, but I have put my hypothesis into a letterbox hidden in the park.

This box was originally hidden in another spot, but since a house was built directly overlooking the location, it simply had to be moved. The new hiding place is a fairly busy area, so be careful with traffic, stealthy in your hunt and please make sure that Archie Park is hidden away again when you are finished, so that it will still be there for the next boxer. This is my longest-lived plant, and I'd love to see it stick around for a long, long time. Thanks!! :)

Stand in the parking lot, facing the bay.
Stripes like a yellow jacket guide your way.
Look left and look right, then cross over with care.
Count thirteen steps down and you're almost there!

Off to the right - do you look high? Or low?
The Archie Park box is tucked in well - below!
And after you've stamped into Archie's wee book,
Please snug it all back in it's safe little nook.

Have fun!!