The Dragon's Dragonfly  LbNA # 16441 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 9 2005
LocationRockmart, GA
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The Dragon’s Dragonfly

You start at the Nathan Dean Sports Complex in Rockmart, Georgia. Once there, you will see two picnic shelters together. From here you see the castle where there is a dragon who knows the way to the treasure. When you find the dragon, climb up on his head, and see a light pole at 60 degrees. Escape the dragon’s deadly jaws by sliding down his green tongue. Find your way to the pole, and sight another pole across the running track at 5 degrees. When you get there, walk due south till you get to the last little tree. Make 9 steps at 110 degrees, then look around you on the ground. You have found the dragonfly. My next stamp is going to be home made, but this one is store bought. I hope you enjoyed looking for it.