Desonier Nature Preserve Series 1  LbNA # 16466

OwnerCaptain Kirk    
Placed DateJul 9 2005
LocationCoolville, OH
Found By Captain Kirk
Last Found Mar 30 2008
Hike Distance?

Desonier Nature Preserve
Difficulty: easy finds, steep hill climb
Terrain: moderate hills (200 foot rise)
Distance: About 2/3 mile one way
Bring a stamp pad and pen, and a towel to help wipe off LBs
Box Stamps: Hand made

Marie J. Desonier State Nature Preserve is located in eastern Athens County Ohio. It is heavily forested, on Jordan Run near its headwaters, in Deep Hollow. The preserve features a loop trail, the Oak Ridge Trail, with several footbridges. This trail can be hiked in a two-mile loop, or as a 2.5-mile loop. There are no other developed facilities there except for a small parking area. The preserve represents a good example of the local forest, with relatively few invasive species. Large beech and oak trees are found in the cool moist ravines while the drier uplands are dominated by oak hickory forests, typical of the region. Due to the diversity of available habitats on the preserve, a large variety of ferns, and wildflowers abound.

Directions to Desonier Nature Preserve: Go east from Athens Ohio on Route 50 until 3 miles before 50 intersects Route 7. Take Athens C.R. 56 North off of 50 toward Carthage Gap camp ground 4/10 miles and take the second left onto C.R. 65 (Deep Hollow Road) and go 6/10 mile to the preserve on the left. Park near the information board if possible and pick some berries in front of your car in the summertime.

Take the trail head directly behind the information board and go until you pass the 4th wooden bridge by the beaver dam. From the departure end of this bridge, count approximately 35 paces uphill and start looking left for a huge old oak with pointed out dead limbs below and live ones on top. The FERN camo letterbox is at the base of this tree under limbs and bark.

Continue on up the path, passing more than a couple of cut logs that had fallen across the path and keep going until you come to the sign for the High Meadow Trail. Rest a while on the bench there and then look directly behind the bench and trail sign at the large dead stump a few yards back. The SMELL THE FRAGRANCE camo box is in the hollow of this stump under leaves.

From the High Meadow Trail sign follow the High Meadow trail a short ways. Continue down this trail until breaking out into the meadow and continue on while looking left for a 4 trunked smooth barked tree close to the mowed trail. When you find this tree on the left look on the back side of it in the crotch of the trunks and you will find WILD FLOWERS in a camo box.

Now head back up to the intersection of the main trail and the High Meadow trail. If you want to stop your search at this point it is a closer and easier hike to go back to your car the way you came. If you are interested and up for hunting another three boxes, get out your Desonier Nature Preserve series 2 clues at this time.

Otherwise, stop to listen to the forest here, smell the wildflowers, enjoy the stillness, and save the Nature Preserve by packing out your trash. Thank you for coming today!

[*This letterbox, originated by "BuckeyeBoxer" was offered to Captain Kirk for adoption on 4/12/08 after the LbNA sysops determined that the email link to "BuckeyeBoxer1" was no longer working.]