Desonier Nature Preserve Series 2  LbNA # 16467

OwnerCaptain Kirk    
Placed DateJul 9 2005
LocationCoolville, OH
Found By Captain Kirk
Last Found Mar 30 2008
Hike Distance?

Desonier Nature Preserve
Difficulty: easy finds, moderate climbs
Terrain: moderate hills
Distance: About 1 1/3 mile one way
Bring a stamp pad and pen, and a towel to wipe off the LBs
Box Stamps: hand made

Directions to Desonier Nature Preserve: See Desonier Nature Preserve Series 1 clues.

Box 1: A ROSE
Starting at the trail head behind the information board, go to the intersection of the Oak Ridge Trail and the High Meadow Trail. ( where the series 1 clues stopped) Continue on the Oak Ridge Trail and most of the rest of your journey is either level or down hill with a few ups thrown in every now and then. At the third footbridge past the High Meadows there is a 5-trunked tree on the left, just before the bridge. A ROSE is in the crotch of the trunks of this tree in a re-purposed brown bottle.

Box 2: CACTI
Continue on your way and as the trail starts its decent you will see "huge snakes" intertwined at the base of a tree on your left. Not far on are moss covered boulders on the left and then a switch back in the trail going hard right. A short ways after the switch back, before it levels out at creek level, you will see a 2 trunked tree on your right with one of the trunks being a straight dead one. A little further down is a 2-trunked tree on the right and left sides of the path. Back at the one with a dead trunk you will find the CACTI camo box behind the base of the tree.

Continue down to level ground as the path follows the creek back to your parked car. Just past the third and final hand-railed footbridge the path turns right. Go to the third tree past the bridge on the right (the one that leans over the creek) and stop facing straight down the trail abreast of that leaning tree. Now look 90 degrees to your left and you will see a tree growing out of a rock slightly up the bank. The WATER LILY PAD camo box is where that tree meets the rock, behind a rock.

Now follow the trail a short way and you're back to your car. I hope you had an enjoyable day of Letterboxing in Desonier Nature Preserve. Thank you for enjoying Athens Co.

[*This letterbox, originated by "BuckeyeBoxer" was offered to Captain Kirk for adoption on 4/12/08 after the LbNA sysops determined that the email link to "BuckeyeBoxer1" was no longer working.]