Sunbathing Turtle  LbNA # 16485

Placed DateApr 11 2003
LocationLeesburg, VA
Found By monkeyhands
Last Found Apr 3 2013
Hike Distance?

Olde Izaak Walton Park, placed April 11, 2003
Placed by Rich
Adopted by Scarab, Oct 2006

From Fairfax, take route 7 West to Leesburg. Either take 15 Business South from the center of town, or take Catoctin Circle South, then pick up 15 South. Turn Left at the Food Lion onto Davis Avenue. The the immediate Right and follow across the one-lane bridge and up to the parking lot. This is Olde Izaak Walton Park. Check this on a map before driving! There are many ways here, including 15 Bypass depending on where you are coming from.

Sunbathing Turtle

Nov '03: reported MIA. Jan '04: replaced.
I received an E-mail that the box was MIA. I carved a replacement stamp a little different than the original, and headed out to the park. I found the original box intact about a hundred years away in a clearing. So, I moved the original SBT box and placed SOSBT here too.

Park in the lot by the Red/Yellow building. Pick up the trail behind the building that goes around the small lake. Sneak up slowly on the dead tree branches that jut into the pond---there are usually turtles sunning themselves here if you don't make noise and scare them back into the water.

Take the path along the pond bank, cross the foot bridge and turn left. After about 10 paces, take the left fork and follow the trail along the creek. The trail will head away from the creek on about a bearing of 175°. The trail is not clear here - looks like the last hurricane messed up a few branches/trees. Continue to follow the path briefly to a small clearing on a slight hillside with three large trees. Take a longing look at bearing 20° to where the original location of SBT was before it was disturbed.

Continue along the banks keeping the creek on your left. You will come up to a large tree with the remains of a treehouse high up. To your right, notice the tree with many forks in it (a dozen or more!) and an "A" and "T" painted on the front in red paint. A faint trail forks before this tree, with a trail leading up the incline to the right and left. Take the right trail and follow uphill briefly to the remains of some 2x4s and plywood on the left side of the trail. On the far side, under a 2x4 and a rock is the new home for Sunbathing Turtle.

Son Of Sunbathing Turtle

Return to the creek bed and back track keeping the creek on your right, back to the foot bridge by the lake. Don't cross the bridge. Continue straight following the path around the lake (the lake is on your right) to a pine grove clearing. To your left are several fallen trees. About 1/3 of the way up one, on its' left side are two rocks hiding Son Of Sunbathing Turtle under the tree.

Warning: this letterbox, like most is hidden under leaves and other forest debris in an area that might be an inviting home for lizards, rodents or other animals. Like all letterbox hunting, do not reach into this cavity directly. Find a stick and carefully move the box clear and pick up when you are sure it is safe.

Backtrack along the trails to your car and leave the park back to Davis Avenue.