Runway 17-35  LbNA # 16486

Placed DateApr 11 2003
LocationLeesburg, VA
Found By Super Rod
Last Found Jun 5 2013
Hike Distance?

Runway 17-35 letterbox
Leesburg Airport / Tuscarora Park, placed April 11, 2003
Placed by Rich.
Adopted by Scarab, Oct 2006
11/17/007 - Thanks to Force of Five for new log, box, and clue updates!

From Fairfax, take Route 7 West to Leesburg and take the really high exit ramp onto 15 Bypass South. Merge left all the way to the left lane and turn left at Sycolin road and follow down to the sign for Leesburg Airport. Turn right into the airport and park.

Interesting trivia fact: did you know that of all flights in the country, over 90% fall under "General Aviation" which includes small airplanes like the ones being flown here?

Walk to the terminal and spend a minute or two watching the planes take off and land. If you are interested, stop in the terminal building and ask them about signing up for a "Discovery Flight": you and a flight instructor go for a short flight in an airplane as an introduction to flight training. You get to take the controls for part of the flight and try out basic turns, etc.

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Now For The Letterbox...

August '03 update: a large tree branch has fallen near the original location of the box, making this really just too difficult (and the underbrush has built up this summer making visibility difficult based on the original clues). The box has been moved to a simpler location.

The airport is owned by the town of Leesburg, and is definitely not a park. With the new Transportation Safety agency and the country's Threat Level (currently Yellow or Orange, I forget), mulling around wooded areas near a runway is definitely not a good idea. The letterbox for the airport is located in a nearby park :-)

Leave the airport and turn left back onto Sycolin road (back the way you came). Turn right onto Battlefield Parkway and follow to the end. At the end, turn left into Tuscarora Park. Park.

Walk around the split rail fence to the opposite side of the two benches and trash can. Stand facing the woods with the fence behind you, and the benches behind the fence. On bearing 30° a few paces into the woods is a tree that forks at its base. From the downhill side of this tree on bearing 58° is a triple-trunk tree. On the Southeast side of this tree, under two rocks, leaves and sticks is the Runway 17-35 letterbox.