Fishy Series (Only 1 remaining)  LbNA # 16496

OwnerA-Bear (&J-Bear)    
Placed DateJul 10 2005
LocationEagle, ID
Found By The Dragon
Last Found Jul 12 2010
Hike Distance?

Fishy Series (Only 1 remaining)

Box 1&2 are missing. Box 3 is alive, but requires perseverence as area has changed a bit. -Summer 2010

Placed by A-Bear with little RNRB and TRKR for the 'Going Fishing for LetterboxeRs in Idaho' Gathering in Merrill Park.

Easy, flat stroll, less than a mile long. Watch out for poison ivy that is along the trail, but not near the letterboxes.

“Three Little Fish” This box is MISSING.

South of the playground, go across the bridge. Another eight paces/16 steps to see a stump on the right. Behind it stands a stag of 3. Behind them, lie the THREE LITTLE FISH.

“Frog Fishing” This box is MISSING.

Continue up the path to the “T” where you face the ‘Eagle Pathway System.” Go left/east along the gravel trail. Cross the bridge at ‘NW 9.7.’ Continue to ‘NW 9.6’ and proceed 5 paces/10 steps east on the path to the green/orange stake on the right. Five paces south is a tree that has roots a step away on the NW side concealing FROG FISHING.

“Dancing Fish”

Continue east on the path to ‘NW 9.5’ and walk 13 paces/26 steps. From there go 4 paces/8 steps at 200 degrees to the fallen log. On the eastern end is the DANCING FISH.