Random Stamp Series  LbNA # 16508 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 10 2005
LocationPocatello, ID
Found By Trouble Bug
Last Found Aug 3 2006
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 4 2015

Latest report: all three boxes are gone.

This is our first series that we've planted, the Random Stamp Series! We wanted to plant several boxes at Cherry Springs Nature Area, but didn't have time to carve a new series. So, we used some of the stamps we had, and tried to find something in common to link them as a series. The only thing they had in common was that they had nothing in common! Thus, the Random Stamp Series.

To get to Cherry Springs Nature Area from Pocatello, head south on I 15. About 3 1/2 miles from the south side of Poky, take Exit 63. If you're heading north towards Pocatello, watch for Exit 63. This will put you on Fort Hall Mine road. Follow the directions from there. Turn right at the stop sign. Next, take a left onto Fort Hall Mine Road. You will be heading towards Mink Creek Recreation Area. Cross the railroad tracks. Take the next right onto Portneuf Road. After 1 mile is a Y in the road. Take the left side. Turn left at the stop sign onto Mink Creek Road. 3 1/2 miles down the road is the Cherry Springs parking lot.

Box #1 and #3 are alive and well as of 8-11-06. Watch for dog walker "presents". Box #3 has thorns and tall weeds grown up around it, you might want to use gloves while reaching for this box.

#1-Fungus Among Us!
Start down the path that's to the left of the information sign. Turn right at the first fork, staying on the asphalt path. Turn left just past the gazebo. Farther down you'll come to a bench at the left side of the trail. Across from the bench, at the right side of the trail is a large tree. The box is in the space between it's branches, hidden under debris.

#2-Ye Olde Letterbox
*This box is missing*
Continue downe the main trail, but watch ye for a bench and cemente block to thy lefte. Turne right on the pathe that branches off before the bench. Downe this new pathe is a bench. From it, take 10 steps. Ye will be at a tree to the right of the pathe. Behinde it, at it's base, is the treasure ye seeke.

#3-Cherry Creek
We carved this stamp and got the box ready, naming it after the area we were going to plant it. It was only when we got to the nature area that we realized it was called Cherry Springs, not Cherry Creek.
Continue down the same trail you found #2 on. You will see a post with a sign pointing to a fishing area. Take the right-hand path. You will find a big rock. Look behind and under it for a film canister.

To get back on the interstate, go back the same way you came in. To get heading south, you'll have to go into Inkom. Go over the railroad tracks and under the overpass to go north.

Cherry Springs is a nice area with fishing spots and paved paths. It's also a good spot for bird watching. The area allows dogs on leashes. The paths are stroller and bike friendly, and many are wheelchair accessible. A few miles up the road is a camping area in the Mink Creek Recreation Area. Watch out for rattlesnakes, poison ivy, and stinging nettle. Bugspray would be a good idea.