Placed DateAug 24 2002
LocationGreentown, PA
Found By Curious Family
Last Found Aug 4 2016
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Last EditedJan 2 2016

The Promised Land Letterbox

Location: Promised Land State Park
Conservation Island
Route 390
Greentown, Pennsylvania
(10 miles north of Canadensis)
in Pike County

Date Placed: August 24, 2002
Difficulty: Easy 1-mile hike.
Placed by: Schubass, Max, Buzz & Woody

A little history about Promised Land State Park:

The land that became Promised Land State Park was hunting grounds for the Minsi Tribe of the Wolf Clan of the Lenni-Lenape Indians (Delaware). Local tradition holds that the land was promised farmland for the religious group “the Shakers.” The Shakers found that the land was too rocky for farming. The Shakers departed, leaving the land sarcastically named the “Promised Land.”
Early settlers of the area erected sawmills to process the large stands of conifer and hardwood trees. The land was repeatedly clear-cut. With the loss of trees came erosion and forest fires, and migration of wildlife from the area.

The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania purchased the land in 1902. Promised Land was the fourth Pennsylvania state park. The Commonwealth worked to protect and reclaim the area and the forest and wildlife began to return.

The first park facilities were open to the public in 1905. Many additional park facilities were built in the 1930s by Camp S-139 of the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) who also built roads, bridges and dams, and planted thousands of trees.

On Sunday evening, May 31, 1998, an F-2 tornado (winds of 113 -157 mph) passed through Promised Land State Park. It cut a northeasterly path through the park and crossed Lower Lake Road, SR 390 and North Shore Road near Sucker Brook. Over 500 people were trapped overnight in the park, but no one was seriously hurt. The park office has copies of After the Wind Died Down, a booklet about the tornado and its aftermath.

Now, on to the letterbox...........

Take Route 84 to exit 26. Proceed south on Route 390 for 3.5 miles. On your right will be the "Lake Store" convenience store. Immediately make a left onto (unmarked) Park Avenue. Go approximately 1/2 mile and make a left into the "Conservation Island" parking area and park. Walk over the stone bridge that will take you to "Conservation Island". Take the main trail on your left, keeping the lake on your left. As you walk along the trial, notice the fallen trees that were the effects of the May 1998 tornado.

Continue on this trail until you come to a very large 5 trunk tree at 190 degrees. The treasure you seek is on the west side under a slab at the base of the tree. Be discreet as this is a busy trail. Replace box and return to trail ~ continue in the direction you were heading, back to the parking area.

Enjoy your hike and thanks for visiting us!

Schubass, Max, Buzz and Woody