Camp Grandma  LbNA # 16552 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 8 2005
LocationPatton, PA
Planted ByLove to Box!    
Found By Love to Box!
Last Found Sep 9 2005
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 24 2015

This box was placed by 5 girls who are cousins that go to Grandma's house every summer,along with older cousins as counselors. Grandma has a theme camp and entertains the girls for a week around the Patton/Altoona area. This year they were introduced to letterboxing, and placed their first box at Prince Gallitzin State Park. To get to the park, travel on Rt. 36 to Patton, Pa.
Continue through town on Rt. 36 until you approach Glendale Lake Rd. If you are traveling north on Rt. 36, you will make a sharp right onto Glendale Lake Rd. If you on South 36, you will come to a Y in the road. Take the left fork.
Go straight until you see a sign for "Crooked Run Campground". Make a left at sign onto Beaver Valley Rd.
Cross Killbuck Run.
You will pass Long Sawmill on the left. At the Nature Trail sign, make a left.(If you cross over the causeway, you have gone too far).
Park in the Nature Trail parking lot. Cross the road to get to the "Trail of Poems".
Here are some landmarks, so you're sure you're not lost.

We began this trail with the "Entrance to a Wood" poem.
At the poem "Woodman, spare that tree", there are trees that weren't spared.
Backtrack 15 steps from "Old Rail Fence" poem to get a glimpse of an unusual formation. You are 1/2 way to the letterbox.
Where you see "Wild Geese" fly, you'll know our box is nigh.
When you get to the poem about the United States National bird, turn around and find the bench.

You should see the old oak bench under the old oak tree.
Now follow this little poem:
Look to the left
To the tree with the hollow base,
Under a rock
Will you find our hiding place?

Please be sure to replace it where you get it from, and email us with your experience.