The Narrows  LbNA # 16557

Placed DateJul 6 2005
CountyVirginia Beach city
LocationVirginia Beach, VA
Found By Team Mocha
Last Found May 26 2008
Hike Distance?

* 7/28/08- The logbook has been replaced and the box is in place.

* 8/9/06- The box has been replaced once again, this time with a microbox, so be sure to bring your own ink.

* The box has gone missing once again!! I will replace soon.

* The Narrows letterbox was reported missing as of 10/21/05. The BOX HAS BEEN REPLACED as of 11/29/05. Please re-hide well.

* The Box is alive and well as of 5/10/06

Location: The Narrows Letterbox is inside First Landing State Park. The clues start from the 64th St. entrance of the park. Enter the gate and follow the paved road to the last parking lot. If you drive into the park there is a $4 fee. You can bike or hike in if you like. You can find more information about the park, directions and a map at

Distance: About a 15 minute walk not including clue solving and stamping.

Stamp: Hand-Carved

Terrain: Easy flat terrain.

Other Info: This location has been a place my family and I have gone fishing and crabbing many times. If you have the time I would suggest bringing your gear.

To the Narrows letterbox:
Clues start from the last parking lot.

Your adventure begins where swabbies head out to sea,
Follow the line of rocks to the green sign, that is close but untouchable for you and me.
From the rocks to the top of the cliffs you should make your way,
At the top enjoy your view of Broad Bay.
Continue along the top of the cliffs in order to move forward on your quest,
Where the path ends, crossing the “African Grasslands” is certainly best.
On the other side of the grass you should walk down the “sliced trees”,
At the bottom find the story of our box’s title if you please.
Once you know a bit more about this place you must move on once more,
Continue past the story to where the Bay meets the shore.
Once on the beach head in the direction of “Green 21”
Along this shore fishing with family is always fun.
Keep walking until you reach the “Double T”
Facing the same direction the ‘T’ points to a pine reaching for the sea.
Near the tree you are reminded of the dangers of this place,
Down the path marked by the tree and into the woods take your next pace.
Head straight ahead across the bike path to the tall pine,
Under the far end of this pine’s dead twin your treasure you will find.

Getting Back
Facing the bay take a right on the bike path to get back to the first parking lot.

Be sure to check out the other boxes in First landing State Park, like “Two Striders”.