The Bandit - lost  LbNA # 16559 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 12 2005
CountyPalm Beach
LocationJupiter, FL
Planted Bycatster    
Found By oldhounder & Siamese
Last Found Dec 11 2006
Hike Distance?

January 2008 - The park is open, but the letterbox is gone. Its hiding place seems to have been paved over. Another one gone!

June 2007 - Park is closed for construction. When I can get in, I plan to pull the box anyway until hurricane season is over.

The Bandit

Clues: Easy
Hike: Drive-by
Stamp: Hand-carved
Facilities: yes

When I came across Burt Reynolds Park in Jupiter, Florida, it was just too tempting. “Buddy” Reynolds is a “local boy” after all – he graduated from Palm Beach High School and Florida State University and (as far as I know) still has a ranch in Jupiter. He started out in professional football (was drafted by the Baltimore Colts but had some bad injuries and never played) and then turned to acting. He is, of course, best known for movies like “Deliverance”, “The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas”, “The Longest Yard”, and about a hundred other movies and TV shows. He has also been a director, producer, writer, and the first nude male centerfold in “Cosmopolitan” magazine. (That was back in his “hunk” days.)

But my favorite movie was “Smokey and the Bandit”, and that is why this is “The Bandit” letterbox. Not just another “dumb redneck comedy”, this is a truly funny movie. Sally Field, Jackie Gleason, and especially Jerry Reed and a cool black Trans Am make this definitely worth watching.

But watch the movie or not, the park is worth a visit. It gives boat access to the Loxahatchee River inland waterway from both sides of US Highway 1, lots of picnic spots with tables and grills, the Loxahatchie Historical Museum (now reopened after 2004’s hurricane damage), and even a Palm Beach County fire station. (Maybe with a fire station here, there should be a “Smokey” letterbox also??)

The letterbox is buried under pine needles behind and between a sabal palm (Florida's state tree!) and an Australian pine.
The sabal palm is on the left of and just next to the large Australian pine tree.
The Australian pine tree is just at the edge of the woods, on the right and about eight “giant steps” from the road.
The road goes past two handicapped parking spaces, around a right-hand bend.
The handicapped parking spaces are in front of a concrete picnic table near the water.
The concrete picnic table is on the left just a little way in from the metal gate with the “park is closed” sign.
The metal gate is on the right just past a left-hand turn at the museum’s “Do not enter” sign.
The museum is on the right just past the fire station.
The fire station is on the right as you enter the park off of US Highway 1 in Jupiter.

Please rehide well. The letterbox was originally placed up off the ground because I suspect there could be flooding in the area during hurricane season. We'll hope it stays dry! Pen, ink pad, log book, and cool stamp provided.