Sapphire Crystal  LbNA # 16600

Placed DateJul 17 2005
LocationPhilipsburg, MT
Found By FrogiNater
Last Found Jun 23 2009
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is only available during business hours and is not available on Saturdays.

You will find this letterbox in Philipsburg Montana, a town of approx. 900 people. Incorporated in 1867 and named after the manager of the Montana Mining Co.

Gold was found here by Hector Horton in 1864 but it was silver and manganese (used in batteries) that made the town so important, esp. during world war I. Sapphires were found on the west fork of Rock Creek in 1890 and were used in watches, for phonograph needles, and orther mechanical devices. Today sapphires are an important part of the economy as is ranching.

When you get to Philipsburg, find the sweetest place in town. Next, go inside and find the room where you should be able to make a phone call. Instead of finding a phone you will find the letterbox.

Remember, not available on Saturday.