Kroon Lake Letterbox  LbNA # 16627 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 16 2005
LocationLindström, MN
Found By Clark, of Lewis & Clark
Last Found May 20 2010
Hike Distance?

In the intervening two weeks from carving the stamp to placing the box there was a big windstorm that took out the massive willow at this site. I guess the stamp is now an historical commemoration!

From the Twin Cities:

There is a freeway going through the Cities that has one end in Laredo, Texas and the other in Duluth. Take it north past where it meets its better, eastern half and becomes whole again. When it narrows down from three lanes to two, take that third-lane exit on the highway towards where the Old Man of the Dalles is (and where the Devil's Chair used to be!).

Stay on this highway for 12-15 miles (through the annoying construction) until you come to the proud Swedish town with a teapot for a water tower in the middle of town. A couple blocks past that landmark you will see a DQ. Grabbing a cone or a blizzard is optional (there is a drive-thru), but you want to take a right and head south at the DQ on Olinda Trail, or Co. Rd. 25. Stay on this exactly 2.0 miles until you come to Co.Rd. 85. Take a right on 85 and go until you find a road with the same name as the actor who starred with Matthew Broderick in the Broadway version of "The Producers." Turn right again. After about a quarter-mile this road takes a 90° to the left. Shortly after that turn is the entrance, on the right, to a public boat landing. Park in the spaces provided near the landing.

Walk to the boat ramp. On the right is a sign. Go under that sign and straight into the woods on the faint path for about 25-30 steps. There is a fallen tree with a tangle of branches approx. five feet off the ground. Right under that is a couple of logs right together, pointing towards the water. Under those logs is the box. Please replace and hide it well!

Bring bug repellent, for they can be fierce. And if you're a fisherperson, a bobber and a mess of leeches or worms will keep you entertained for quite a while off the dock - panfish abound!

Have fun!