Hobo Signs: Woman  LbNA # 16628

Placed DateJul 9 2005
LocationVenice, NE
Planted ByWyldBlueberries    
Found By madscientist
Last Found Sep 4 2006
Hike Distance?

(7/2008: Sorry we're no longer to check or maintain our boxes. Check the latest status on LBNA prior to hunting it.)

American hobos of the late 19th and early 20th centuries communicated important information about a locale with chalk drawings on buildings, sidewalks, fences and railroad trestles. The symbols are very creative and several have somewhat humorous meanings. We will periodically celebrate this imaginative tradition by placing a Hobo Sign box at railroad related sites.

This box is stashed at the Two Rivers State Recreation Area west of Omaha, NE. This box will require about a 35-40 minute walk round trip on a very flat trail. Be sure to get directions to the Herkies’ Unicorn box, which is on the same trail.

Directions to Two Rivers SRA:
From Omaha: take Q street (west) all the way out or Center Street to 264th street and turn South at the flashing light.
From Lincoln: take I_80 East; get off at the Gretna exit, go North and take Hwy 31/6 North to Q street then go West.
From I-80: get off on West Dodge exit take Dodge street west to the "Y" choose Hwy 92 and take it to 264th Street turn South at the flashing light at Venice Nebraska.

Directions to Trailhead:
As you pass the entry gate (and pay the day use fee of $3 or so), take the second left. On your left you’ll see a row of restored Union Pacific cabooses restored as cabins. These are great fun and highly recommended, but get your reservations early!

Drive to the end of this road then go to your right. There is a closed gate with a trash barrel. This is the trailhead.

Directions to Box:

From the trailhead, proceed south on the main sandy trail. After a goodly walk, there will be a branch of the sandy trail that goes to the right. You can stop off here and get the Unicorn box, but be sure to come right back.

Keep going South on the main trail. You’ll hop over a few downed trees and eventually get into the open air a bit. One word to the wise: pay attention to the way you’re coming. It looks different on the way back. Keep going until you hit a fence.

You’re now at the edge of the recreation area. You would think your choices were either left or right. But instead, just stand with your back to the fence and face the trail.

Now walk 15 steps back the way you came, and look to your right. You’ll see a nice large tree with some vines on either side. Walk to the right side of the tree and look up in the large limbs on the back side. The box is wedged in there up over your head. (If it’s not there, you might rummage in the grass in case a territorial squirrel gave it a kick.)

On your way back, hope you had a better sense of direction than I did. Somehow I ended up at a nearby trailhead next to a campground. Trails look different in the dark, I must say.