The School House  LbNA # 1663 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 23 2002
LocationMansfield Depot, CT
Found By burning feet
Last Found Nov 24 2010
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Last EditedOct 3 2015

SCHOOL HOUSE LETTERBOX - Mansfield 300 Celebration
Depot Rd. Mansfield Depot , Ct.
Rated easy Planted by: Leader of the Pack and Cowboy 7-23-02

Oct. 20 1888, there is much stirring in the Depot’s village today as Mr. George Reynolds sells to the 7 th district a “ tract of land with a new schoolhouse and outbuildings on it”. Students whisper excitedly about the beginning of classes in the new school.
Days later the lunch and recess bell is rung and students pour out the front door of the building and run to the shade of a few trees on the side of the school near the tracks. They wave to the conductor as the noon train whistles by. Eating from their lunch pails students play in small groups.
One group decides to hide a secret message for another group out behind the school house and see if they are clever enough to find it.
Maybe you are clever enough to find it as well. Come to the Depot and find the schoolhouse on Depot Rd. Pull in and park at the designated trail parking area. This is just where students played at recess. Find the access for Lynch landing and immediately turn Right on Helen Clark lane. Walk down this broad mowed path for less than five minutes. ( you don’t want to be late for the end of recess bell ) Look on your left for a pair of Cedar trees side by side. At the base of the second cedar tree is the students secret place. Good Luck and as always be safe and have fun.