Nordic Heritage Ski Center  LbNA # 16636 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 18 2005
LocationPresque Isle, ME
Found By Thumb's Up!
Last Found Jun 25 2006
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Welcome to the Nrodic Heritage Ski Center owned by Maine Winter Sports Center and operated by the volunteers of the Nordic Heritage Ski Club. This center is four season recreation for all. It inculdes hiking, biking, skiing and snowshoeing. It is open to the public free of charge.

Maine Winter Sports Center (MWSC) was founded in 1999 to re-establish skiing as a lifestyle in Maine. The goal is to create a new economic model for rural communities, create healthier lifestyles for the youth and develop a foundation for a quality of life that will inspire people to build their futures in these communities.

The Nordic Heritage Center has been referred to as one of the top Nordic facilities in the world by an international licensing delegation. It is operated by the Nordic Heritage Ski Club, a non-profit corporation, which works hard to fulfill the mission of MWSC. The Ski Club hosts local, national and international cross country and biathlon competitions as well as community development programs. We hope you will take the opportunity to come and see what has the rest of the world so excited.

The letter box is located on the Gallagher Trail just east of the access road. There is a large map in the parking lot located on the side of a small building. This map will help you find the general location. It is located about 250 yards after a cross over in the ski trail about 150 yards from the end on the trail. As you are walking along the trail look for an extremely large split ash tree on the right hand side. It is one of the largest trees on the facility. This tree is one of my favorite trees at the facility and caused the trail to take its current shape when the trail was cut in 2001. From the tree look to the northwest and you will find a small rock face about 20 yards away. At the bottom of the rock face in the center is a small cave, you will not fit in to it but the letterbox will. The letterbox is attached to a string used to pull the box out of the hole in the rock. This is also the location of a geocache. The stamp in attached to the cover of the container. Please bring your own ink pad, this box can be located in all seasons. Once you have stamped your book please take soem time to explorer the area.