Kapok Letterbox  LbNA # 16637

Placed DateJul 14 2005
LocationFt Lauderdale, FL
Found By Lexingtonian
Last Found Sep 23 2010
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Kapok Letterbox

Hugh Taylor Birch State Park is a large parcel of ocean front property purchased in the early 1900's by a wealthy Chicagoan. It remains very authentic old Florida, the trees keep you cool even in the heat of summer. Even though searching for my Kapok Letterbox only covers a small portion of the park, please try to set aside a couple of hours to explore the park more thoroughly. Also, the Bonnet House on the south side of Sunrise Blvd is a beautifully maintained old Florida home occupied by Mr. Birch's descendants as recently as the 1990's. It is open as a museum, check schedule for an amazing look at how people lived in this area during the early 1900's, if time allows.

Kapok Letterbox

Enter park on East Sunrise Blvd, almost to the ocean. There is an admission charge of $4. Proceed on paved road to sign post, follow towards "picnic areas" and "pavillions 1,2 +3". There will be parking spaces on your left, proceed to as close to the far end of these spaces as possible and park.

Walking now on paved road to the north first you'll pass Exotic Plant Trail (signage missing since Wilma) on left, planted by Mr. Birch. Speed Limit sign to your right then next you'll pass #17 Parcours Station and then a red fire hydrant. Next a clearing on the right (leads to the lake) directly across from a hard-to-see Parcours station #16, then a newly cleared area on the left (in July 2005). Stay on paved road, just a little further there is a white arrow in the road and then you'll notice tree roots to the road edge on the right - YOU ARE THERE! (If you reach Parcours #15, you've gone too far.) (NOTE * In April 2010 the kapok tree roots mentioned in last sentence were removed in swale area. Last landmark before turn off road is white arrow, from tip of arrow it is approximately 15 - 20 feet to large tree on right.)

Large Kapok tree on right about 10 feet from paved road, look out for large golden orb weaver spiders, they won't hurt you but have put a lot of time into their magnificent webs and the spiders are HUGE!! Go to the backside of this tree and look amongst the roots. letterbox is in largest "cave" in roots hidden under leaves and twigs and a large white rock. Box contains stamp and inkpad, please leave it as you found it and let me know if any TLC is needed!!

After enjoying LB you may continue on around paved road to seawall along intracoastal waterway and/or follow paths around park.