My Favorite Things  LbNA # 1664

Placed DateJan 5 2002
LocationSomers, CT
Found By Traveln Turtle
Last Found May 28 2011
Hike Distance?

We wanted to pick an area that has little or no letterboxes. I think these are the first in Somers (but actually may be in Stafford Springs).

My Favorite Things series - 4 letterboxes
Planted: January 5, 2002
By: Mamoosha & Toots
Difficulty: moderate hike, a couple hills, 45-60 min.
Located on Shenipsit Trail on Bald Mountain, Somers, CT

Directions: From the intersection where Route 83 meets Route 190 in Somers follow 190 2.4 miles toward Stafford. Turn left onto Galbraith Road and drive two-tenths of a mile to the Shenipsit State Forest parking area in front of the gate.

My Favorite Things letterbox series is based on the song of the same name from one of my favorite movies - The Sound of Music. The series includes favorite things of both of us. We know two of your favorite things are represented....hiking and letterboxing.

Here goes....follow the blue blaze trail along the dirt road for a short time before the trail turns left into the woods. Careful stepping is required along the trail, as is common throughout Connecticut's woods, as roots and rocks are waiting to trip up. Continue on the trail through a small pine grove, a crumbled stonewall on the left, and up a small incline.
Soon you will view dead trees playing pick up sticks along another stonewall, again on the left. To find the first of My Favorite Things, before passing the wall step off 20 paces (counting as each foot is placed upon the earth). Stamp secretly and re-hide carefully before continuing on
the journey.

Return to the blue blazed trail and continue up to a tabletop covered with a pine needle tablecloth. Here the trail continues by trickling downhill. Pass through a tree trunk that was once part of the trail but because we don't have giant redwoods we can't make tunnels through tree trunks. Another method has been used to clear the trail. The felled tree trunk affords a good resting area and a view of many white birches. After resting, follow the trail over Lievre Brook. Rock hop across the brook and continue on the trail. As the trail flattens out you will see another trail coming in from the left. After an up and down you will come to the top of the ridge with a fallen dark sentinel atop a rock ledge. At this ridge top, from the middle of the trail, take a compass reading of 180 degrees. You should see a cluster of small beech trees just beyond the rock outcroppings. The second of My Favorite Things is under the rock ledge at the base of the beech trees. After stamping and re-hiding, return to the trail and turn back to begin retracing your steps.

At the cut-away tree, follow the trunk to the right. The tree limbs are pointing to the cavern-like location of the third of My Favorite Things. This particular hiding place requires careful attention when re-hiding so the box cannot be seen from the main trail.

Back to the trail and up again. Take a breather at the tabletop covered with a pine needle tablecloth. Look toward the mountain laurel grove. There are two large rocks in your field of view. They are glacial erratica left over from the last glacier. Look under the rock on the right for the fourth and final of My Favorite Things. After stamping, finish up your hike reminiscing about some of your favorite things as you return to your car.