Venus  LbNA # 16642

OwnerThe Aroostook Sleuth    
Placed DateJul 18 2005
LocationPresque Isle, ME
Found By The Beekeeper
Last Found Jun 7 2009
Hike Distance?

Venus Letterbox, #3 in the Solar System series

(Logbook was replaced on 8-23-08, box is in place and in good condition on this date.)

Venus is the second planet from the Sun and named after the goddess of love. This stamp was originally carved for the Maine peace letterboxing gathering at The Art Guru.
Find the planet Venus. Hint: near the Budget Traveler.

Standing at Venus, take a compass reading of due west. Looking in that direction you will see down the hill and in the distance a small grove of populars. Keeping these trees in your sight walk across the parking lot, down the hill and through the brush to these trees. Look under rocks and branches. (If you prefer not to walk down the hill you can drive around to the parking lot behind the building, just remember what grove of poplars were in your sight.)

Stamp up and rehide carefully, please. Note that in the fall and winter when the brush is gone that if the box is not covered properly it could be easily visible.

Happy Aroostook County Boxing.