Prince George Pride  LbNA # 16649

OwnerVinson Family Letter    
Placed DateJul 18 2005
CountyPrince George
LocationPetersburg, VA
Found By llavots
Last Found Aug 23 2009
Hike Distance?

Bug Spray and Long Pants are recommended
Degree of dificulty: easy
for directions put "7801 Laurel Spring Road
Prince George, Va 23875" in

Enter the parking lot to the left of Prince George High School of Prince George County, Virginia.

Follow the tree line to your left to the foul line of the last ball field on the left of the high school.

Enter a path to the left. Bear right at the fork, but do not turn a full right.

Keep straight while looking for a spray painted yellow dot on a pine tree ahead.

Turn left at the pine tree with the yellow dot.

You will see a small fallen tree ahead. The box is located underneath, near the base, of the tree. It is covered with a rock and leaves.