Lost Rose  LbNA # 16655

Placed DateJul 16 2005
LocationMt Enterprise, TX
Found By Nac Trail Cat
Last Found Sep 1 2007
Hike Distance?

Texas has several high quality trails designated as Woodland Trails by the Texas Forestry Association. One of these trails is tucked quietly away in rural Rusk County, about 5 miles or so from Mt. Enterprise.

To get there, mapquest yourself to Mt Enterprise, which is at the intersection of Highway 259 and Highway 84 in Rusk County. Take Highway 84 East out of Mt. Enterprise for 3.1 miles.

Begin watching the right side of the road for turnouts suitable for parking. You will be looking for a turnout with a brown information sign pointing to it from the left hand side of the road. Park in that turn out and look at the edge of the woods for a wooden sign marking the entrance to the Griff Ross Trail.

This trail makes a loop of a little less than 1 mile and it isn't a difficult trail to walk. I highly recommend that you take the whole walk because it is beautiful and inspiring. If you choose to do the walk, the easier direction to go is to the right. If you do the walk and you take the right hand (counter-clockwise) direction, you will begin with an incline. You will eventually cross a bridge and begin the wide loop back around. You will be getting close to the box when the trail ascends back up to a ridge. Look on your left for a sign that points out examples of hypoxylin canker (yeah, inviting I know!). At that point, stand in the trail facing the direction you've been traveling and look back over your shoulder. You will see a large hardwood tree on the right hand side of the trail. Go to that tree and look at the base of the tree under straw and bark for the box.

NOW - if you want to get the box and forget the walk, take the left hand entrance to the trail. From the entry to the trail, begin counting signs. You will count eight, with the eighth being the sign on the right about hypoxylin canker. Look down the trail a little further, on the left, for a large hardwood tree. At the base, under straw and bark, is the box.

As with any box, please rehide well!