Liberty For All  LbNA # 16658 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 4 2005
LocationSkagway, AK
Planted ByQuilter & Traveler    
Found By S Troupe
Last Found Aug 29 2007
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Liberty For All

Difficulty: Easy


Skagway got its start during the Gold Rush days. It was the jumping off spot for hiking the Chilkoot Trail to the gold fields. That 33 mile trail still exists and it is possible to hike during certain times of the year. Nowadays, many cruise ships greatly inflate the visitors to Skagway during the late spring and through the summer.

This is an easy walk from the ship docks.
Go into town and find Broadway and 6th Ave. You should see a sign pointing to Public Restrooms.
Just prior to these facilities is Molly Walsh Park. As you look at the bronze bust at the park, you will notice landscaped areas on both the right and left.

In the back is a stand of Alberta Spruce. From the center, count three over to the left and look underneath. There is a bench nearby. This park can be quite busy so take care. However, people here are well used to ‘weird’ tourists and this will probably quell most curiosity.
This box is, of course, an orphan so we would appreciate any reports as to its condition:

We were notified that Ladysgbug was kind enough to replace the full logbook and is returning it to us. Letterboxers are great!!

We were notified today that the box has gone missing. So sorry.