Manatee Magic  LbNA # 16670 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 19 2005
LocationNew Smyrna Beach, FL
Found By till04
Last Found Jul 23 2008
Hike Distance?

Find the park named in honor of a woman using these clues:
The fifteenth of seventeen children born in 1875 to former Maysville, SC slaves. Allowed to pursue an education and subsequently founded a Florida college for negro girls in 1904. Following that she became an advisor to Presidents Coolidge, Hoover, and Roosevelt.

The park spans two sides of the main road. Find the building & fence painted with a mural that matches the marine mammal in the box.

From there, walk to the west entrance to the pier. Stroll along the bay keeping a close eye out for manatees surfacing to breathe, and fishermen who might see you extracting the box. (Bring your pole and drown some bait after your hunt!)

As you exit the other side of the pier, look beneath the east corner. The box is lodged between the corner support and two beams (hopefully secured behind two sheets of palm bark.) Have a seat under the pavillion and stamp up, then rehide better than you found it.

Mantees love this particular lagoon. Often there are four or five adults and their calves here. Just don't feed them or harass them in any way or you could be fined. Swimming is prohibited now, but at one time you could float in the water with them. They are gentle, curious, slow moving creatures--lovely to watch and admire. **Thanks to Blue Roses for replacing the logbook on 3/11/07! Stamp replaced 8/07! Spotted 11 manatees while there.