The French Connection  LbNA # 16693

OwnerMitchel & Tami    
Placed DateJul 21 2005
LocationJefferson, TX
Found By Pfetch
Last Found Mar 28 2013
Hike Distance?

As you walk the streets of Jefferson, Texas, you will immediately notice a French influence in the architecture. This comes from its rich history dating back to the 1800s, when the river was high enough to support huge steamships that would run the trade route between Jefferson and New Orleans. The Louisiana-French influence continues to this day, even in our language: we don't have a river, we have a bayou; we don't have porches, we have galleries.

To find the French Connection letterbox, you'll have to solve a few clues in Jefferson, but it wouldn't be fun without a treasure hunt, now would it?

Start at the tallest structure northeast of Polk... but don't climb it!

Follow the famous French General to the southwest, and when you come to the Riverport, don't let the scrumptious smells of barbecue lure you from your quest. Instead, turn left.

Continue until you reach the Capitol of Texas - at that point, turn right and keep walking. If you're a little thirsty, you can always visit our Auntie on your right, but that's not part of the quest.

Keep going until you find the majestic old museum. When you do, turn right and keep walking.

Stop when your passage is blocked by a very Stern thing.

Look back to your left (actually, behind you to the left), and you will notice a plaque, and "It Is No Secret..." - stand in front of that plaque.

Look past it to the right, and there will be a small bench in the corner - it is the one nearest Mr. Carnegie's gift. Sit on that bench facing the tallest structure northeast of Polk, and scoot to the leftmost side.

Underneath near the supporting pedestal, buried in the ivy, you will find what you're looking for enclosed in a camouflaged cloth bag. Be careful taking it out so that no one notices - but while it is in your possession, no one will see (or care) what you're doing, so take your time. Be careful to replace it securely and inconspicuously.