Rest In Peace  LbNA # 16733 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 23 2005
CountyNez Perce
LocationLewiston, ID
Found By Tana Bata
Last Found Jan 21 2008
Hike Distance?

If you get a bit creeped out by cemeteries, this letterbox might not be for you. Often times the beauty that cemeteries offer gets overlooked by the sadness and scaryness they also create. I think that the Lewiston Normal Hill Cemetery has many intriguing and unique headstones. Maybe by searching for this letterbox, you too will discover some of these interesting headstones. This cemetery also offers beautiful scenery in the afternoons as the sun shines down on it at a slant. Enjoy, but please be respectful of people's graves.

Just so ya know, for this letterbox I consider North= direction of Lewiston Hill, South= opposite of the Lewiston hill, West= direction of the Snake River, and East= opposite direction of the Snake River.

Park on 7th Street by mausoleum.

1. Start at the flag pole in the northeast corner of the cemetery by the mausoleum. Face towards the west side of the cemetery and walk straight ahead and slightly to the right until you reach CDR ROD L MAYER USN's upright, white headstone.

2. Turn left and walk ahead to the stone tree stump.

3. Face west and walk four headstones up (counting the headstone two feetish away from you on your right) so that you're now next to SHIRROD.

4. Still facing west, turn slightly to your left and head dagnolly until you reach the large, upright headstone that looks like a big, unfinished block with GLASS inscribed upon it.

5. Face south and head forward and slightly left till you reach a old stone pillar on top of John's tombstone next to a dove perched on a scroll.

6. Turn east and go to the two hearts.

7. Face towards the southwest corner of the cemetery and head in a diagnol line to VOLLMER's bench like tombstone close to a young angel.

8. Turn east and walk straight passing VANGUILDER, SALSBERG, CRITES, COOK, HOLBROOK, and KINCAID. Stop at BOOTH.

9. Notice BOOTH's raised family grave and look for the crack in the northwest corner's foundation. Search the crackling corner to find the letterbox.