Duck Pond  LbNA # 16835

Placed DateJul 25 2005
LocationMadison, WI
Planted By"Button" family    
Found By bestdav5
Last Found Sep 9 2013
Hike Distance?

The Madison Mallards, our local minor league team, have revitalized the area's interest in the great American pastime of baseball. This letterbox is hiding in the park that the Madison Mallards call home. The ballpark they call home is also referred to as the Duck Pond.

Once you arrive at the park, locate the gate for the ballpark where the Mallards play. When facing away from the entrance, you should go to the corner of the parking lot that is near the tennis courts. Right off the sidewalk, near the tennis courts, is a drinking fountain. When facing the fountain (as if to drink), you should look to your left. At nine o'clock you will see a path that enters the woods to the left of the tennis courts. Follow this path until there is a second path that branches off to the right. If you look down this path you will notice some trees that are fallen over the path. Walk on the main path (after seeing the second path) past the tree closest to the path on the left. Once you are past the tree, look into the woods to your left and you will see a rock 14 paces off the path. Standing on this rock, facing the large tree closest to the rock, you will see a fallen and decaying tree at two o'clock, 12 paces away. The box is hidden near the section of the tree that is broken off the main trunk. I couldn't find a piece of rubber the right size for the stamp so it is a foam stamp. Happy hunting.

BOX TWO (This box has been reported missing - we have not been able to confirm this yet but assume that is true. 11/8/05).

Again, you should start by the gate to the ballpark. You will notice duck prints in the concrete walkway leading into the park. Stand on the heel of the first footprint (the one closest to the parking lot) facing straight out the the parking lot. When you look to eleven o'clock, you will see a triangle of grass and landscaping. This is where you will find box number two. Walk to the cluster of shrubs at one of the corners of the triangle. There are two single trees and a cluster of three trees near these shrubs. Go to the cluster of three trees and lift the branches of the shrub nearest this cluster. Be careful because it is VERY PRICKLY. The box you seek is under the shrub. Because this box is hidden in a very open area, please be discreet when retrieving and replacing the box. We recommend avoiding game days. Enjoy the search!