Karl Oskar House (Nya Duvemala)  LbNA # 16839

Placed DateJul 26 2005
LocationLindström, MN
Found By The Dragon
Last Found Jun 24 2014
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Valkommen til Nya Duvemåla! In 1948 Swedish author Vilhelm Moberg came to Minnesota to do background research for what he hoped would become his life work. All his life Moberg had heard about those who emigrated from Sweden, especially Småland, where he was born. Many in his own family had left for Amerika, and Moberg himself had harbored dreams of emigrating.

He spent three months in Chicago County, Minnesota, traveling by bicycle on country roads, talking to the old-timers, some of whom had come over from Sweden themselves, and others who related what their parents had talked about. He looked at the old gravestones in Glader Cemetery and imagined what these people had gone through in ther lives. He saw an old farm house and used it as inspiration for the house that Karl Oskar built for Kristina in the books, calling it Nya Duvemåla (The Dove's New Nest), after her home in Sweden for which she never stopped longing.

Today, a large portion of the area north of the Twin Cities is called "Mobergland" and features a large number of sites that remind us of these early Swedish settlers, including Glader Cemetery and the house, Nya Duvemåla, which has been restored as a museum in Chisago County's Ki-Chi-Saga Park.

If you come to the house on a summer weekend and the house is open, take a few minutes to look around inside. The interior is original to its construction in the 1860s! From the north side of the house, facing South Center Lake, find the gap in the fence line and the path that leads down the hill. At about 37 steps the path veers to the right. Follow it another 105 steps until you come to two small silver maples. Stand facing the lake with your back to the easternmost maple. About six feet in front of you is an old tree stump with some thick chunks of log next to it. Next to the chunk closest to you is a large round rock. Roll back that closest log and you will find that the underside is partially hollow, and the treasure you seek lies beneath.

You might want to move back into the grassy part of the path when you stamp in for a bit of privacy from the road. Please replace it carefully.

Have fun, and keep an eye out for bald eagles and hawks fishing over the lake! And dogs are welcome at the park!