Underground Railroad: Eden Baptist Church  LbNA # 16840

Placed DateJul 26 2005
LocationWaverly, OH
Found By weezie1313
Last Found Mar 16 2012
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Eden Baptist Church is located on Nipgen Rd off of State Route 772.

Eden Baptist Church was the spiritual center of the community known as PP Settlement. The church was founded in 1824 by former slaves and free persons of color. Some of the families assisted runaway slaves on their journey along the underground railroad to Canada.

Thomas Jefferson had two sons by his mistress, the slave Sally Hemings. One of her sons resided at PP and raised his family here, attending services and farming just about a mile straight behind the church. One of his children is buried near here.

The original building was located just up the road where the Eden Cemetery is now. The current building is the second one, but is older than Uncle Lawrence, who is 97 (and still mows his own lawn!) and attended Eden as a boy, riding one of the work horses with his brother and sisters. Oh, Mom just told me it was built in 1905.

From the historical marker in the front yard, walk northwest toward the barn. There is a large hollow stump with a young tree growing out of the front of it.

This box is in an active churchyard, so no boxing on Sunday mornings unless you want to explain the game to a bunch of old ladies.

Please push the cache deep where you found it and re-camo well. We don't want the groundskeeper to put a hole in it with a weed-eater! Uncle Carl is almost as old as Uncle Lawrence and doesn't see nearly as well!