Conch  LbNA # 16867

OwnerCaptain Kirk    
Placed DateJul 24 2005
LocationAthens, OH
Found By Captain Kirk
Last Found Dec 8 2007
Hike Distance?

Lake Snowden-approximately 8 1/2 miles southwest of Athens on Route 50/32
Difficulty: easy
Terrain: pretty flat
Distance: 50 yards round trip
Stamp: hand made
Bring a stamp pad and pen, and a towel to wipe off the LB

**NOTE: Ownership and operation of this campground is in flux. Public access MAY be restricted, depending on the time of year and if camping season has begun!***

Enter the lake area off of Route 50/32, pass the information center and turn right. Shortly you will see the circle for the dump station on your right and a gravel car path on the left. Turn onto the gravel car path and stop before reaching the log barricade. Park and walk to the right down the gentle slope to the lake. Make a left along the waters edge and walk to the grouping of 5-6 trees fairly close to the waters edge. The CONCH camo letterbox is under bark of the broken over, gnarled looking, tree that is about 3-4 paces away from the waters edge.

(NOTE: In 2008, this tree was precariously leaning over from a high wind. It may not continue standing. The flaw in the tree where the LB is tucked may have been what caused the windfall. Use some caution & watch for muggles.)

Thank you for enjoying the Athens area! (There is another LB just a little bit farther south on this highway.)

[*This letterbox, originated by "BuckeyeBoxer" was offered to Captain Kirk for adoption on 4/12/08 after the LbNA sysops determined that the email link to "BuckeyeBoxer1" was no longer working. ]