Bird Walk  LbNA # 1687 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 5 2001
LocationStorrs, CT
Found By WWW
Last Found Oct 27 2008
Hike Distance?

Hi LbNA folks
Mama Bear and Cubs have planted our first letterboxes
on 08/05/01. They are located in Storrs CT, (Tolland
County). Here are the clues:

Bird Walk Letterboxes (2)

Rated: Easy, 1.5 to 2 hour hike on flat terrain,
suggest long pants (ticks, poison ivy)

Take Gurleyville Rd. from Rte 195 at UConn.

At 1 mile you’ll pass where fireflies light.
Look for a double blue blaze on a pole at the right.
On the left you’ll find the trailhead and a place to
For the Bird Walk Letterboxes are quite a lark!

The mighty Fenton River runs clean and true
The blazes you’ll follow are painted in blue
Quiet now, for if you “hush”
You may hear a Water thrush.

The trial turns left, the river does, too.
Still all you’ll do is follow the blue.
You’ll come upon a wooden bridge to cross.
Then on your left a half-fallen oak, clad in moss

And in its base, hidden from view
THE GREAT BLUE HERON waits for you.
But you’re not finished, there’s more hiking to do.
Pick up your backpack and follow the blue.

Blue goes on, another bridge is crossed.
Then a pumphouse on the left (you’re not lost).
But Blue jogs left onto a street
Then dives back again after 100 feet.

Through thick Mountain Laurel you’ll go
Enjoying the view of the river below.
Chickadees sing and Chickadees play,
If you follow the blue trail you’ll be OK.

After a while on the right you’ll see
A little house called UC-B.
Then cross a street, you will know
The blue blazes show you where to go.

Through some boulders and over a brook.
Step into a field and take a look.
Wild flowers and butterflies abound
And a dirt road invites you down.

Follow this road ‘till it comes to a fork
Pull out your compass and look due north.
A tree with an arrow you have found.
Walk to this tree and look around.

For here is a favorite spot for Mama Bear
To rest by the river and enjoy cool air.
While she sits on a rock or a fallen log,
Bear cubs splash and look for frogs.

But for our next treasure, put the tree to your back
And pull your trusty compass right out of your pack.
At 260 degrees, a campsite is spotted
Nestled next to a small ledge, with moss it is dotted.

Go to the ledge, Up, Over and Under
And soon you’ll find a treasure to plunder
A BARN SWALLOW is waiting for you.
Stamp in in secret, now you are through.