Sulpher Gulch Trail  LbNA # 16896 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 28 2005
LocationParker, CO
Planted ByBoxerPixie    
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As of August 18th this box is out of commission. Apparently some inconsiderate and incredibly rude person took the stamp, the stamp pad and journal out but left the empty box.

I hope they get a permanent ink stain on every shirt they own.


Parker Road and east onto Main Street and south onto Riva Ridge.
Park in the lot near the little picnic area.
Walk south to go east on the Sulpher Gulch bike trail.

Find a nice shady spot where you can sit and look south near some of the only large trees.

To your right is a downed log.

Find the third cut stump and the letterbox is wedged underneath.

Please be careful there are some thorn bushed in the area as well as deer.

I would not recommend going here at night as there have been coyote and fox sightings.