FISH Series - Dinges Pond  LbNA # 16908 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 29 2005
LocationSchoenchen, KS
Found By The Purple Toad
Last Found Sep 22 2006
Hike Distance?

Go south on Hwy 183 out of Hays about 10 miles, or go north from Liebenthal about 4 miles, and turn west into the small town of Schoenchen, a historic colony of Volga Germans dating back to the late 1800's. Go through the town (and try to respect the two stop signs while maintaining a straight face) until the black top turns to dirt. Turn back north immediately.

Going north, pass through the S-curve and look carefully on your right until you see a small home belonging to Bucs and Freda Dinges, owners of your ultimate destination. Continue north a few more hundred yards until you cross a small, concrete bridge. IMMEDIATELY to your right is a one-lane drive which takes the vehicle down a narrow lane between evergreen trees. On your left should be a deep hole with a small pond in the bottom.

This pond has been enrolled into the Kansas State F.I.S.H. program which stocks ponds for farmers for free and pays them a yearly stipend in return for allowing the public access to fish for free. So, this box is placed on private land which is public access. Please respect the property.

IMMEDIATELY past the pond is a small pull-in drive to your left. Pull in, park, and walk a few feet forward to the blond electrical pole. From the pole, use your compass bearing of 340 degrees. About 20-22 good steps in front of you is a low (3 ft tall) evergreen tree (there are several, but I am talking about the first and largest one that is on right). Look under some branches on the ground and find a military ammo box that has "" written all over it.

This box is actually a geocache that has a letterbox inside of it. You know what to do from there. I suggest that if you have never checked into geocaching, I highly recommend it as it has had the luck of growing at an explosive rate (about 190K caches in only 5 years).

I hope you enjoy this small and out of the way part of Kansas. When you leave, if you continue north on the dirt road instead of going back to the highway, the dirt road turns to pavement, crosses the Hwy 40 bypass outside of Hays and becomes Main Street.

In time, I plan to add more letterbox/geocache boxes at more of these state designated F.I.S.H. sites where I have fished.

For more information on this program, and to view an atlas of the official sites in Kansas, goto: (