Orange Parrot  LbNA # 1691

Placed DateJul 3 2001
LocationTolland, CT
Planted Byroseann    
Found By burning feet
Last Found Mar 21 2011
Hike Distance?

Crandall Park, Tolland CT
Placed on July 3, 2001 by Churchill & the Pinecone

Clue difficulty-Moderate
Hike difficulty-easy with some moderate
Length-2 hours

The orange parrot was sitting in a banana tree in Costa Rica. To his great dismay, a man came by to pick bananas and accidentally plucked the parrot from his perch and tossed him into a crate of bananas!! This particular shipment was bound for Bradley Airport in Hartford, CT. When the crate was being loaded off the plane it fell to the ground, burst open, and the parrot who was very annoyed at this point, flew off in an Easterly direction. As he was looking down he noticed some orange colored disks in a strange looking jungle. "This must be the way home" thought the parrot.

Interstate 84, to exit 68, turn North onto route 195. Go about 1/3 mile, take left onto Cider Mill Road. Go past baseball diamond. Go another 200 yards, turn right into Crandall Park. Park in upper level near tennis courts.

Walk between the tennis courts and baseball field. Turn left into the woods, and cross over a wooden footbridge. Walk along pond, stay to the left and walk to opposite side of the lodge building. Cross another footbridge. At dirt road, turn right walk a few feet on road. Turn left onto Yellow trail. (follow yellow paint markers on trees) At fork stay left on Yellow trail at 240degrees.
Stay on the yellow trail. Cross over a stone wall, which will continue along the right side of the trail. On the left you will see a bench. Go a bit further and look for the tree with the orange colored disk marker on the right side of the trail.
Bear 300 degrees into the woods, and follow the orange disks.
At the top of the incline the trail will turn to the Northwest. At the intersection follow the disks to the Northeast.

The pitch levels off, and as you walk down a slight incline, you will see a large single boulder sitting to the Northwest.

The orange parrot was flying along in a frenzy...

Continue on your Northeasterly course. See more ledge outcroppings on your left.

Bear 290 degrees up a slight incline. Trail will then bend to the left at 220 degrees. As the trail bends again you will see a large 100-yard-long ledge going along to your right. When you reach the end of this ledge, keep following the orange disk trail and take 90 paces. Now look for the hiding place of the orange parrot.
Look left 210 degrees. A small boulder sits lonely at the top of a mound. It sits about 35-40 paces away from the trail. Don't be surprised if the parrot yells, "GET ME OUTA' HERE"!!!!!!

Retrace your footsteps back to your car.
The orange trail sits on 145 acres recently added to Crandall Park. A developer had 42 houses approved, but decided to sell to the town for Open Space conservation instead.