Davis Hollow  LbNA # 16917

OwnerNorth Shore    
Placed DateJul 30 2005
LocationPortersville, PA
Found By Beth & Brett
Last Found Aug 29 2009
Hike Distance?

Davis Hollow can be found at the end of the North Shore drive of Moraine State Park. However, during the off season, the gate to the parking area is closed and an extra 1/2 mile walk is needed(For more specific directions to the park, see Windsurfer letterbox clues). This box takes about 20 minutes to complete roundtrip and is a short hike along the North Country Scenic Trail. You will want to wear high socks (I know-Geeky!) or long pants and use bug spray as this will be a foot path through the woods.

The North Country National Scenic Trail was authorized by Congress in 1980 and when complete will be the longest hiking trail in the US. At Moraine State Park there are many places to access this trail, however, to make it easier for the letterboxer, the following directions will simplify your task. The avid hiker should research the trail via the internet and plan a longer trip if wanted.

Follow directions in the park to the Davis Hollow Marina. Stay staight and avoid all turnoffs until you reach the parking lot for the boats across from the Davis Hollow Outdoor Center. Park here or at the Center. The trail head begins about 20 feet to the left of the gravel driveway to the Center. It is marked with a hiking trail sign. There you will find a foot bridge and steps partially covered by crown vetch. The Yellow and Blue blazes indicate both a State Park and North Country Trail. The path follows the edge of the parking lot for a short while, then turns right and starts uphill. Follow both the blue and yellow blazes up the hill. You will cross a power line right of way. Continue until reaching a rock formation on the left. Here, you will find a post on the right marking the turn on the trail. Follow the blue blazes from this point on walking along the side of the hill. When you reach the bench, you may sit down and rest. From the bench, look down the hill and you will see a log and stone cabin. This is one of the few overnight facilities for hikers on the North Country Trail. Work your way along the trail, going downhill, and walk through the yard to the Center. In the yard you will find 2 tent platforms. The treasure will be found under the platform farthest from the firepit. Be sure to stop and say hello to Joe, the volunteer groundskeeper there. He will be sure to give you a tour of the Center if you have time and is an amiable host. From the center, follow the gravel driveway back out to the parking lot where you left your car (or bike).