FORE!  LbNA # 16950

Placed DateJul 10 2005
Locationstone mountain, GA
Found ByScooters Mom
Last UpdateNov 17 2012


Note: As of April 2006 it has been reported that this box may now lie under a LARGE pile of rocks, rather than just a few. Please contact placer if found!

This box was planted in honor of ERís fourth birthday!
Find the commons restaurant and the activity appropriate path going NE. Either go on that path following 15 white-blue combinations OR walk along sidewalk to sidewalk bridge for cement water drain (water passes beneath sidewalk). May the force be with you towards the activity path where there is a large tree!!! Look left for many rocks, some are just in front of a previously twin tree. Your quest awaits. (confirming clue: SLOW CONGESTED AREA is at 200 degrees).