Face on the Barroom Floor  LbNA # 16957

Placed DateJul 30 2005
LocationCentral City, CO
Planted By4 Quarters    
Found By Woodland Wanderer
Last Found Jun 12 2011
Hike Distance?

Introducing, the 4 Quarters! Dixie Peach and Captain Ron, along with Aljan Sundance and her husband, Donnie, have teamed together to create a new identity, the “4 Quarters”! Watch for our new boxes! Aljan is putting her carving skills to work for the stamps for these boxes and Dixie Peach and Cap’n Ron are providing the journals along with scouting/planting the boxes. Because we have teamed up, we are putting 2 journals in our boxes for you to stamp into; one per couple. We hope to see your stamp in them!

Our first box is The Face on The Barroom Floor located above Central City. Letterboxing- the NEW gold RUSH to Central City!

To the box:

Take I-70 West and exit at the 243 Exit to Central City. Drive the Central City Parkway for 8 miles into town. As you come down the hill into town drive past the parking light keeping to the right. Turn right on Gregory (The signpost is on the left, not the right hand side of the street). Take Gregory past the Fortune Valley Casino. After a very short distance, on your left, you will see an open area to park in with stone walls of an old building. Buses use this to wait in, so be careful where you park.

Walk back up to Gregory and across the street you will see a street sign for Packard Road. It is a dirt road and the start of your hike. As you walk up this old wagon road, you will be passing the Black Hawk Central City narrow gauge railroad bed (you won’t see any railroad ties!). Turn left and walk along the railroad bed for approximately 25 yards. On your right you will see an old wagon trail. Take this right and continue approx ½ mile uphill. As you near the top, watch for another old wagon road on the right. This road will take you around the side of the mountain. BE CAREFUL to take the 2nd right hand turn. The 1st is NOT the one you want and has a circle of rocks and a pile of dirt blocking the road! The correct path is just a very short distance further up the hill. Turn right and follow this road. Approx. 1/2 of a mile, you will arrive at a large deserted mining complex known as the Homer Mine. Immediately upon seeing the mine, you will see DANGER KEEP OUT painted on an old rusty tank on the right hand side of the road. Stand on the road even with this tank and GO BACK 11 paces. Look uphill at 120 degrees. You will see an Aspen tree with a pile of rocks next to it (a telltale sign of a hidden letterbox). To the right of the pile of rocks is an evergreen about 8 feet tall. Climb 15-20 steps uphill to the pile of rocks and you will uncover the 4-Quarters’ first planted letterbox.

After rehiding the box you have a choice to make.

1st Choice: Go back the way you came. This is the fastest way back to your car and for the most part, is down hill.

2nd Choice: Continue to travel downhill on the path (it isn’t used a lot and the grass is growing over it) that will take you towards a home being constructed. If you veer a bit to the right, you will see an old wagon road that leads to the crest of hill that overlooks Central City. This has a great view. If you go down the hill alongside the house, you will be on Virginia Canyon Road. Immediately to your right is a large sign that was constructed by the Women in Mining. Walk down the hill and back down to Central City. Turn right on Spring Street and follow Spring Street to Gregory road and turn right. Take Gregory down the hill to your where you parked.

If you like, you can see the Face on the Barroom Floor by touring The Teller House (tickets sold across the street from the Teller House).

This is a moderate, but very doable, uphill hike on an old wagon road, kids should still be able to handle it and is dog friendly. Be Careful to STAY on the path because of all the old mines/shafts. As with all Colorado Mtn. trails, weather can change quickly, be careful of lightening.