Mrs. Mehitable Wixson  LbNA # 16961

OwnerMumma & Bunny Boy    
Placed DateJul 30 2005
Location???, MA
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

Stamp: hand-carved

If Mrs. Mehitable Wixson
You wish to seek,
At her headstone
You’ll need to peek.

Once you find
Her resting place,
You’ll need to read
Her age to pace.

Including the months,
Take her age in years.
Multiply by two.
That's all for here.

Remember this number,
You’ll need it again
For the number of steps
To the treasure den.

From the southeast exit,
You must go forth
Until you see
A trail at port.

Down this path
Please do count
The earlier figured
Pace amount.

Then to the left,
A Pine you’ll see.
Here’s the treasure
And Victory!

Please contact for any problems or questions. Good luck!

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