Rocky Fun!!!  LbNA # 16965 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 30 2005
LocationLiscomb, IA
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Not a stroller friendly envierment. Bring lots of bug spray!!! Please also bring a stamp pad and pen. Dogs are allowed. should take 10-15 minutes. Thanks and contact me when found.

From Marsheltown take highway 14 north to highway 330. turn left on 330(west). and procede to highway S75. Take S75 north towards Liscomb. Take 130th street West across the train tracks for 1.2 miles till a t. turn right to Marshel co Grammer grove. take this road 2/10 mile to 127th street and turn left. Keep going down this road to the park entrance on the left. Park at the first hitching post across from swing set. Now get out of the car and walk to the swing set. Notice the nearest woden lamp/electric pole and walk to it. now from the pole walk 80 paces diagonally left through the to big trees. you should come to the trail post marked 1. cross the bridge keep walking on the trail and notice the bolder on your right (the biggest bolder in Iowa). keep following the trail till you come to 2 bridges. take the bridge on the right. Now go up the steps and keep walking till you notice the trail marked five. DO NOT GO RIGHT go straight for 30 paces. no on your left walk 14 paces on the ground in frount of you is a part of a fallen tree with the box in it. Please dont let anyone see you and rehide well! Thanks for looking for my box!!! Mr. Briteside...