Goat Track (it's back!)  LbNA # 16973 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 15 2005
LocationSewanee, TN
Found By Sarah Bee
Last Found Jul 2 2010
Hike Distance?

This box gets its name from the "Goat Track" - the railroad that once ran through Sewanee and Cowan. The track has been paved and is now a recreational trail.
To start, begin at the end of the track nearest to "downtown" Sewanee. You can find this by travelling down the main road (past the Lemon Fair and towards Taylor's Mercantile), then turning left. Continue down this road until you see a gravel parking lot on the right. You can park here, and the trail starts just across Hawkins Lane Road. Follow the trail until you see the Hair Gallery shop on the right. Look around for a white drainage pipe close to the trail. Once you've found the pipe, proceed down the trail for approximately 230 steps.
Look for a tree with a red blaze on the right side of the trail. Straight back from this tree is a large, tall tree with an opening at the base. Look here for the letterbox!
Be careful: the bank down to the tree is very steep.
Bring your own pad! If all this hunting makes you hungry, try Shenannigan's or the Blue Chair ;). Happy hunting!

I got reports of this one being missing, so we made a new one. When we went to set it out, we found the old one, just poorly hid. The return of the Goat Box!!