Celtic Critters  LbNA # 16976

OwnerNautilus and Culex    
Placed DateJul 24 2005
LocationSpringvale, ME
Found By mrsmorrattus
Last Found Apr 30 2013
Hike Distance?


TERRAIN: Rocky and uneven in spots but mostly flat;
LENGTH: Close to a mile and half round trip
These two boxes, Celtic Crow and Celtic Fox replace one of our first letterboxes, the Two-faced Fox which went missing in June of 2005.
This is a beautiful trail, but oftentimes it is marred by litter. If you're able to, please consider bringing along a bag and taking some of the litter out with you when you leave. Thanks!

NOTE: Where you take a left near the bridge to get on the path leading to the celtic fox there is a large tree that has fallen right down the center of the path and this whole area has become overgrown. The path is small and difficult to spot. It skirts the edge of private property on your right. No need to venture into the neighbor's yard.

Where routes 224 and 109 meet
Go north for about five thousand feet.
At Springvale Rec Area, turn your right blinker on.
Park the car, and head for the pavillion.
Tempting though the beach and playground might be,
Take the paved path and turn left immediately
Onto a woodsy dirt trail that twists and turns-
Full of boulders and wildlife and mushrooms and ferns.
Soon the trail dips down, then up it goes.
Listen as the mighty Mousam flows.
Fork to the right when the trail does split.
Continue past where an old foundation sits.
This trail winds through hemlocks tall and dark.
Keep following the way of the green mark.
Wind along the river's edge.
See the dam and climb atop the rocky ledge.
Ignore the small gorge you cannot cross,
Instead seek the rock face covered in moss.
Cross a terraced path (rock at left shoulder)
[ignore this one non-rhyming line since the landmark it refers to is no longer there and we were too lazy to rework the whole bad rhyming scheme for one line that needed to be removed]
Here the trail veers to the left and then sharply right.
A tree entwines the rocks with all its might.
This tree has a trunk times five.
Beneath rocks at its base the box does hide.
On towards the bridge you now must go.
Turn left before the place where grasses grow.
Stroll this path, on it stay the straight course.
Past garden and yard, as mosquitoes get worse.
A granite post at a Y will prevail.
And send you to the left in this travail.
A large snag on your right with a rock wall behind.
A nearby stump with orange blazes makes it easy to find.
Six steps west of the rod you will tramp.
Beneath a small rock lies a logbook and stamp.
After you've rehid it safely in its proper spot,
Follow the main path all the way back to the lot.

Yes, we're horrible poets
And of course we know it.
But please don't complain,
Or we'll do it again!

(carved by Nautilus)