Laugh Gull, Laugh, v. 2.0 **replaced! 3/17/07!**  LbNA # 16979 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateJul 27 2005
LocationPort Aransas, TX
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Hike Distance?

I finally got back down South to replace this box!

To find the laughing gull, go south from downtown Port A on 361. Exit left onto Gulf Beach Access Road 1A. Note, you will need a beach parking pass to park on the beach. Turn right on the beach and find beach marker 35. Just past this is a wooden boardwalk. This is privately owned by an RV resort so please be discreet! Go up the boardwalk to its highest point. Sit on the bench and face the beautiful ocean. Under the left end of the bench is your treasure. Be sure to find Powerpuff Girl's Croc-e nearby! Please replace far enough under that passersby can't easily spot it. Have fun!