Messy Trails Hybrid Cache  LbNA # 16981

Placed DateJul 30 2005
LocationMadison, WI
Found By Blue Mounds Kids 2
Last Found May 21 2012
Hike Distance?

This Letterbox is also a GEOCACHE site. Geocaching is a game very similar to letterboxing except a GPS is used, and the clues are often much more limited. Please do not remove any of the geocache materials from the container. You can check out geocaching and how to play at

Now about finding that ammo can with the stamp in it. YOU WILL LIKELY NEED A COMPASS!
(What's an ammo can look like???)
Start your Journey at Walnut Grove Park in Madison, WI.
You'll have to park along side the road as there is no other parking available. Head up the paved path to the round park shelter at the highest elevation of the park. Head West onto the trail located behind the "bubbler"(take the obvious trail, not the trail behind the bench). You will soon come to a "T" in the path and will need to head South (left) down the trail.

Continue on this path downhill toward the riverbed. Just before the path crosses the riverbed you will discover a crossroads where you will want to again head South (Turn LEFT). Continue heading South until the path crosses the riverbed and here you will need to cross. Veer onto the left path and you will soon meet up with a larger, wider path where you will head East (LEFT again)

Follow along this larger path until you locate a large full-sized sewer/manhole cover a few feet from the path (about 3 or 4 feet EAST of the main path). There are two or three of these, you will have to pass at least one. Locate the one near all of the large fallen trees. Also in sight are three large trees forming a large "H" on the right side of the path. Standing on the center of this manhole cover, follow a bearing of 240 degrees about 60 feet over to a tall pointy stump (up a steep embankment). The ammo can is located in the base of the fallen tree that left the stump behind.