Assateague Lighthouse  LbNA # 16999 (ARCHIVED)

Ownerthe B's    
Placed DateJul 31 2005
LocationChincoteague, VA
Found By ErinZeeBO
Last Found Oct 18 2008
Hike Distance?

UPDATE 8/06: After receiving several reports that this box was gone, we just heard that it is still there.

Clues: easy, 0.25 mile hike
Note: entrance fee to park
Warning: This hike can be very buggy during the summer, so don't forget your spray.

Start at the trailhead for Assateague Lighthouse (if in doubt, it is the path on the right as you are standing in the parking lot). Hike up to the lighthouse. If you are in luck, the lighthouse will be open and you can climb to the top for a small fee. It is a spectacular view and offers a birds eye look at the lighthouse lens.

Either way, at the base of the lighthouse, locate the small monument to those lost at sea. Take note of the age of the poem's author. Once you are done looking around, stand with your back to the lighthouse door. Take the exit path at 240 degrees.

After you go down the path steps, the path will bend to the left, then to the right. Just before the next bend to the left, you will see a lone pine tree on your right, across from a fallen log. An old fence with concrete posts will just be visible off the path on the right-hand side.

Standing next to the lone pine, go due south for x paces (x = the age of the poem's author). The box is hidden under a pile of brambles and brush. Please be discrete and rehide well as this path is very busy. This was one of our early attempts at carving so apologies for the lack of technique.

While you are there, take advantage of this lovely nature preserve! The hiking trails are fantastic, especially if you like birding, and the beach is clean and uncrowded.

Please let us know how the box is doing! We placed this while on vacation, so any maintenance would be much appreciated.