Sunshine Goes to Southern  LbNA # 17010

Placed DateJul 31 2005
LocationSnellville, GA
Found ByLocojay & StarGAzer
Last UpdateMar 4 2006
Hike Distance?


Planted in honor of my niece, aka "Sunshine", who will be attending GA Southern Univ.--home of the Eagles--this Fall. If you find the box, wish her luck!

Begin in front of the red barn at Lenora Park. Follow the paved walking trail N along the wooden fence. You'll travel beside the Disc Golf course. As you pass the 7th "hole" the path turns W. After the .25 mark, you'll pass through some woods and emerge at hole #13. Keep going past 15 & 16. Keep going straight when you reach the pond, past the cedars, staying to the right-most path along the treeline, past the .75 mile mark. Eventually you will turn sharply E again (you should hear traffic.) You'll spot a bench beside a trash can on your left before you reach the 1 mile marker. The box is beneath the bench on the east end. Access it from behind the bench, and rehide better than you found it. Careful of walkers and joggers. To exit continue the path east for a long loop, or take the next path N to return to the parking lot.

**While you're there, try some disc golf! It's great fun and you can rent a set of discs from the park if you don't have your own. Ask inside the gymnasium at the back of the parking lot.**