Amelia  LbNA # 17020

Placed DateJul 29 2005
CountyFond du Lac
LocationFond Du Lac, WI
Found By Merlin and Ardea
Last Found Sep 13 2013
Hike Distance?

For this letterbox you will gather clues in one area, then drive a short distance to another area to find the letterbox.

Bring a pencil, paper, and a compass.

Start your journey in downtown Fond Du Lac.

Park on the West side of North Main Street, North of Division Street.

Clue #1. Go to 44 North Main Street. This is the
Nakong Asian Food Market. Look across the street at
41 Main street: Joe's Fox Hut.

In the front of Joe's Fox Hut are rectangular windows,
about 1 ft by 3 ft. How many windows are there?

Clue #2. Go to 20 North Main Street. To the right of the door, and extending to front of the building, are large green rectangles. How many are there total?

Clue #3. Go to 8 North Main Street. In the door are glass windows that can be described as trapezoids or rhomboids (rectangles that are shifted sideways). How many glass windows are there?

Clue #4. Go to 6 North Main Street. In the door are glass windows that look like pie slices forming a semi-circle. How many pie slices are there?

Clue #5. Add up Clues #1 through #4. You should get a number between 10 and 20.

Clue #6. Go to 2 North Main Street, which is J. D. Finnagan’s Tavern. Read the sign on the outside wall. Who visited here on July 18, 1902? Go into the Tavern and ask the bartender about that incident.

Now drive about 6 miles South of Fond Du Lac to Hobbs Woods Park.

In the Summer bring your bug spray - there are lots of bugs!!!

This park is on Hickory Road, South of County Highway B.

To help you find this on a map, look for an intersection of main roads nearby: State Highway 175 and County Highway B.

After parking at Hobbs Woods Park, walk to the sign that shows all the trails. The sign says "Hobbs Woods", and lists the trails: Parson's Creek, Nature Trail, etc.

Walk past the sign. After about 40 steps you will pass a bench on your right.

You will pass the “number 1” post on your right.

When you get to the place where there is a choice of paths, take the path that veers to the left (East), and goes slightly uphill.

At the end of this short path you will find the “number 16” post.

Continue walking East, passing between the “number 16” post and a bench.

Walk down the path. You will come to the “number 15” post.

Now, count 80 steps (left, right = two steps) on the path past the “number 15” post. You will notice a short, narrow trail leading to the right. Take the short, narrow trail. Be careful! It ends up at the edge of a cliff! Turn left at the cliff’s edge.

Look for the “number 14” post.

Now, follow this trail until you get to the “number XX” post, where “XX” is the number from Clue #5.

When you get to the “number XX” post, go back 20 steps (left, right = two steps). You should be in a curve of the trail.

Look to the North. You will see a long log on the ground pointing at you.

Walk along the log to a point about 40 feet from the end of the log that is nearest the trail. You will find the letterbox under the log, with lots of sticks on both sides of the log hiding the box.

Please take the time to re-pile the sticks on both sides of the log in order to carefully hide the box!

The trail that winds along the creek is nice - you should take the time to walk along it, and then picnic at one of the tables at the park entrance.