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Today is the first day of school for some school districts. Are you ready for a brief review?

Which of the following statements is grammatically correct?
1. My school, uses the internets to teach me at home.
2. My school has two campuses, a east one and a west one.
3. My school has only one room and no door.

Jane is driving north on Canton Highway when she comes to a stop sign at Howell Bridge Road. From the stop sign she travels north 1.1 miles, then turns right. She travels .9 miles, when the name of the road changes. After another 1.5 miles, Jane turns left and travels for 3.4 miles. Finally, she turns right and drives the final .3 miles to school. How far has Jane driven from Howell Bridge Road?

1. What direction is opposite southeast?
2. In what Georgia county will you find all of the following place names?
a. Mica
b. Ball Ground
c. Conns Creek
3. In the same county, which state highway most directly connects Highway 5 with Highway 369?

1. Name two one-room school houses still existing in Cherokee county, GA.
2. How did Samuel Conn acquire his land, and what are three things in Georgia named for him?
3. What mineral was discovered and mined in northeast Cherokee county in the 1830ís?

Define the following terms related to building construction:
a. Sill
b. Joist
c. Fieldstone piers

If youíve passed this educational review, you will probably have no trouble finding this líil olí box. For extra credit, send me an email telling me the significance of the number in the box.